Netizens Were In Tears When They Read This Fallen Soldier’s Message To His Mom; “This is for you, mom, Okay Lang AKo

  • Netizens are in tears after reading this Marines’ message.
  • It was a post aimed at his mom, assuring her he was okay.
  • Unfortunately, he got killed in action during the Marawi clash.
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Last Friday, June 9, another battle ensued in Marawi. It was between the Philippine Marines and the Islamist militants who took over the southern areas of Marawi.

At least 13 marines were killed in action and along with this, their last messages were seen on social media. This one was about a fallen soldier who had initially informed his mother he was well.

Kicker Daily News reported the unfortunate fate of Private First Class Marvin Russel Gomez, PN (Marine). The fallen soldier was described as a dutiful son and a caring brother. However, he lost his life in the encounter but had posted a message to his mother before his untimely death.

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The above picture was Gomez’s last post on social media. It could be seen that he was smiling with a thumbs-up sign, assuring his family and loved ones that he was well.

The post was dated May 27, fourteen days before the Marines encountered the Islamic militants. The fallen soldier was one of those who lost their lives in the battle.

The source noted: “His body was flown to Villamor Airbase on Sunday and has been given full military honors on Monday at Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City.

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Gomez’s last message was specifically intended for his mother, in which he said: “Pra sayu nanay kc alam kung miss muna ako ok Lng Ako ok kaayu.” 

The source translated: “This is for you mom, I know you miss me already, I’m okay.”

It continued: “In the comment section, a friend told him his mother really misses him so much, to which he replied: “May sinumpaan po kc Ako.” [Because I have taken an oath.]”

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Gomez was originally from General Santos City. He was a member of the MBLT 7 Striking Battalion in the Philippine Navy (Marines). 

Lots of netizens commented their opinions about the fallen soldier’s fate. Here were some gathered:

“our condolences to our fallen soldiers, you were pressed on everyside but never crushed, were perflexed but never in despair, in persecution you were never abandoned, and though you were struck down but never distroyed..indeed you are our heroes…your deeds are never been forgotten…MABUHAY KAYONG MGA SUNDALONG NAGBHUWIS NG INYONG MGA BUHAY SA NGALAN NG SERBISYO SA INANG BAYAN.” 

“It’s really sad that we have to lose young men in uniform because the government failed to use their intel fund properly! Rest is peace Sir!” 

“We salute you our heroes. You are the pride of our country.You sacrificed your lives to save other peoples lives.We thank you.God bless your soul.”

We salute you, our soldiers! You were all so brave sacrificing your lives for the sake of our country. May they find peace and refuge in God’s kingdom.

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