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Philippines lotto is a national lottery game which began as far back as March 1995. Till date, the game is still what it has always been and still very much has the same format of playing. Being a quite really old game, it therefore has a large lotto results history which you can use for strategy.

In the Philippines, drawings for the lotto are held every day of the week. Usually, a player would choose six numbers between 1 and 42 or 58 (depending on the type of lotto you are playing) and for each play, a player has to pay 20 pesos which is the Filipino currency. The jackpot prize from the lotto usually begins at 6 million pesos and you could win a prize for matching as few as three numbers. The rest of this article will tell you all you need to know about the lotto game in the Philippines and how it works.

What is Philippines Lotto?

Philippines lotto is a game of chance played in the Philippines and usually where people have to make bets on the result of an official lottery draw. Normally, it is about matching a number or numbers to those drawn by the organization in charge of the lottery. There is a price given to lucky numbers which is usually in the form of cash.

Types of Lotto

There are many different types of lottery which you can play even though they all typically have the same basic principles. Most of these lotto games which are also very lucrative revolve around, as earlier noted, matching a number or matching numbers to those that are drawn by the company which controls the lottery system you are playing.

In the face of many different types of lottery, you can play any one of your choice. Even online, you there are a number of risk free lotteries. Here are different types of lotteries that you can try and who knows, you just might be the next winner of an unprecedented jackpot.

Standard Lotto

The standard lotto requires that you choose up to six numbers from an already given range of numbers. For this kind of lotto, drawings of the winning numbers are usually held twice a week. Basically all you have to do is pick your 6 lucky lotto numbers and then wait for the results.

Mini Lottos

Mini lottos are not so much different from standard lottos. The only difference is that you get to pay less. This also means that the price you win is less than that of the standard lotto.

Daily Lottos

Daily lottos are lottos which have their own drawings only once or twice in a day. Usually, they require you to pick one, three or four digit numbers to play.

Multi-state Lottos

These ones are for the powerball, eurojackpot, Mega Millions and EuroMillions. They are quite really similar to the standard lottos. However, they operate in multiple states which would result in bigger jackpot prizes at the end.

Strategies You Can Use to Win Philippines Lotto 6/42 by Gail Howard

*Note: This are only tips to increase your likelihood of winning the lotto, and not a guarantee that you will win.

First of all, it is important to note that the lotto 6/42 simply means picking 6 numbers between 1 and 42.

Lottery numbers are normally drawn at random. However, numbers drawn at random would usually form patterns which can be tracked and used to your advantage as a player. After careful analysis of the lotto game drawings, over 200 results from different parts of the world and dating back to as long ago as 1955, Gail Howard came up with this simple rule:

  • That which is most possible happens most often.
  • That which is least possible happens least often.

Gail Howard’s key to successfully selecting numbers is playing the probabilities. If you play a pattern which you find occurs only five percent of the whole time you play, then you can expect that that pattern will lose 95 percent of your playing time. This will take away the chance for you to win 95 percent of the time. So now, diss those free lucky lottery numbers and do not ignore the probabilities.

Other Strategies You Can Use How to Win the Philippines Lotto 6/42, 6/45, 6/55, 6/49 Game

1. Odd-Even Lottery Tips

When you pick your lotto numbers, see that you have a quite even mix of even and odd numbers. It is rare for all odd numbers or all even numbers to be drawn so it is safer to have an even mix. This kind of mix has potential to occur in 83% of all the made drawings.

2. High-Low Number Tips

Numbers that win in lotto drawings are usually those spread across the whole field of numbers. In a game of 42 numbers like in the case with the Filipino national lottery, numbers 1-21 would make up the low half while numbers 22-42 will make up the upper half. It’s basically just a matter of dividing the number field in two and having the first set make up the lower half while the second set makes up the upper half.

It is very rare for all low numbers or all high numbers to be drawn. It is best, therefore, to have a relatively even mix to increase your chances of winning because a mix like this occurs in more than 70 percent of all drawings made.

3. Number Group Lotto Tips

Study a list of numbers which have won the Philippines Lotto in the past. Most of the time,you will find that at least one, sometimes more, of the number groups is not represented. Look at this combination for example; 5-14-17-32-38-42. You will find that there are no 20s in the combination. Taking the time to study number groups will help you to decide which group to leave out and which one yo place more emphasis on.

4. Skipped Games Number Selection Tips

Make a list of the number of skipped games number since the last time there was a win for every one of the winning numbers in the last five games. After that, take note of how many times each skip happened. If no skip occurred from 0-5, pick the lotto numbers which are skipped that number of times.

5. Sum Tips – play a balanced lotto game

After picking six numbers of your choice to play, put them together and see to it that the sum of those six numbers you have picked gets up to a number between 100 and 158. Numbers that get a sum within that range, have gotten up to 70 percent of all wins in lottery jackpot.

6. Repeat Hits Number Strategy

On the average in Philippines Lotto 6/42, at least one lottery number will be a repeat hit from the last drawing. This happens up to 65 percent of the time.

7. Hot Number Tips

Numbers that have lost in four games or even less have gotten about half of the winning numbers drawn. In addition, losing numbers which have been out in ten games or less are about 84 percent of all the numbers that win. This simply means that hot numbers have a great potential to hit and win. However, do not forget to include at least a long shot in the group of six numbers.

8. Cold Number Lottery Tips

It is usually not easy to tell when a cold number is going to end a long stripe of losses. However, when a number has been out for up to 70 games or about that, chasing it might be a great choice.

9. Using Lottery Pools and Syndicates

Apart from knowing strategies with which you can conquer the lotto, pools and syndicates are a great way to greatly increase your chances.

10. Pool Your Way to Lotto Riches

A good number of the one hundred and seven jackpots in the lotto which have been won with the Smart Luck lottery systems were taken by a group of people who put resources together. If you share the cost of the ticket with other people, your budget for the lotto is increased. Playing the lotto with a group of other players means that you will have more money buy more tickets for the lottery. It also means that you can play bigger systems of wheeling than you could have been able to do all by yourself. When you have a group of people to pool money with you, just draw up an agreement and let the members of the group sign it.

To get lucky with the lottery, do the following:

1. Take Advantage of the Luck of Other People

If you form a group to pool resources with, that group will also be pooling its aggregate luck. A jackpot could be won as a result of the luck which even only one member of the group brings to the pool. It is important to be careful with your choice of partners. Share your luck with people who are winning not people who are losing. Also, keep negative people at a far distance.

These kinds of people will kill your spirit of winning and drain energy. If you are looking to be successful on the game, just avoid negative and losing people. Pick only people who have the right mind for your group.

2. Take advantage of the positive attitude

Try to avoid playing the game out of a desperation to win. This will naturally put you in the place of fear and unhealthy anxiety and reduce your chances of winning. The truth is, the greater your fear, the lower your chances of winning because your mind will control how you play. Whatever you do, just ensure that you stay calm and positive on the game.



The popularity of the lotto game has, over the years, grown bigger and bigger with more and more people willing to take the chance to win a jackpot. As the number of people playing the lotto increases, even the strategies for winning are growing. And there are quite a number of these strategies which you can use to lift your chances of having a successful lotto game. From pooling resources to using the wheel system to using the number strategies and having the right mind, the lottery cannot be too far away from you.

The above listed are quite really effective ways which have been used and which you can use in the game to ensure that the game turns out just fine for you. You do not need to kiss the lotto game goodbye. The next win just might be yours.

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